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  • 👓Integrated Design:G3S uses smart touchscreen control to wake up,only a glitter of indicator light on the inner side of temple and a short vibrating alert,which means G3S will be working.G3S smart glasses with camera can be used as normal sunglasses as they have a sleek design with no apparent buttons or visible camera module.The detachable spectacle lens can be replaced with other lens like shortsighted lens and reading glasses lens by user.
  • 👓Smart WiFi live Video Glass:Built-in WiFi module;P2P global real time live video;The flow devices are on live through the Internet.It supports connecting to the Internet through phone’s WiFi hotspot/wireless router setup.It supports multi-user’s real time sharing in the world wide.It supports recording while charging.
  • 👓G3S is equipped with 2 left temples,double duration and easy replacement,each carries 280mAh built-in battery and 70 minutes continous video recording time of duration,full HD 1080P 30FPS,built-in 32GB memory card supports 240 minutes video storage.
  • 👓Durable Eco-Friendly TR90(Plastic Titanium) Rim Materials:TR90 is a kind of material which is super toughness, wear-resistance, stress-resistance, and thus the frame is not easily deformed or damaged. TR90 is usually used on sunglasses for its comfort,G