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About Jisteck

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Who We Are?

Established in 2015 in Huizhou of China,JisteckTechnology is a leading digital Camera Provider, who served millions of happy customers worldwide in the past few years.
who all has more than10 years experience in smarthome security industry.

Jisteck products are mainly in all kinds of the digital cameras,like Sports Cameras,Mini Cameras,Home Cameras,Industrial Camera,Health Cameras,Gift Cameras,etc.
With their reliable quality and robust design,our products allow you to secure your home,family,company,business security,and Expend your view inanywhere,to get a colorful safety Life.

We distinguish ourselves by an unrelenting commitment to excellence in terms of our product software,hardware and support.
As a factory based manufacturer,servicing hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide.

Our main task is not only to design,develop and manufacture the finest security equipment out ,but more impor-tantly to build the finest security enterprise there is,and to keep building,that can prosper beyond the tenure of any single leader and through multiple product lifecycles;for the company to continue to provide valueand fulfill its corepurpose for generations to come.


Block 7,Nanchang Indutrial Park,Xixiang Street,Baoan District,
Shenzhen, RPC 518126

Whatsapp/Tell:+86 13632672267


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