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✅ 【True 1080P Spy Camera Charger】The spy camera Dual USB charger not only charges your digital device, but also can remotely monitor your home through App. This is the first USB Charger Camera that adopts a 120-degree wide-angel lens, which can supply a greater scope of vision view and capture clearer details.

✅ 【Remotely View on App】Only connect the hidden camera charger to a WiFi network, next you can remotely view live video on App. You can know what is happening in your house while you’re away. This charger camera is your best choice for home and office security.

✅ 【Record Videos to Micro SD Card Without Network】Insert a Micro SD card into device (Format Micro SD card to FAT32), next plug the hidden camera adapter into an outlet, next the hidden spy camera can automatically record videos to SD card. Once the memory card becomes full, the spy security camera will delete the first video file to make room for the latest file.

✅ 【Motion Detection Alert & Record】Your phone will get a push notification and photo once the motion is detected. You can also set motion detection record to Micro SD card. You can directly playback, download and delete videos on App.

1080p WiFi Wireless Dual USB Wall Charger Adapter Plug Hidden Spy Camera M3

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